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104 Broadway Farms, New York, NY

The Korean family owned corner deli/grocery store has been a staple in New York City for over 40 years.  The phenomena of Korean owned grocery stores started in the ’70s and spread across NYC providing a quintessential ethnic employment niche … Continue reading

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Ramen Yamadaya, Costa Mesa, CA

Ramen Yamadaya is a chain of ramen restaurants that stretches along the California coast from San Francisco to San Diego.  I tried the location in Costa Mesa and ordered the Tonkutsu Kotteri Ramen which comes with a slick of really … Continue reading

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Seoul @ Food Gallery32, NY, NY

I have mentioned Food Gallery32 in my prior posts about the excellent Bunch/Bunn/Mama.  Food Gallery32 is a Korean style food court in Manhattan’s Koreatown that has around a dozen food kiosks selling everything from stuffed buns, Korean style ramen, Korean … Continue reading

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Assi Brand, Hot Cooked Vegetable Dumplings

Rating:   Continuing my recent love affair with Assi Brand Frozen Dumplings, I picked up a bag of their Hot Cooked Vegetable Dumplings.  The Hot version is very similar in shape and ingredients to their Cooked Vegetable Dumplings.  They have the … Continue reading

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2016 Dumpling Round-Up

With 2016 coming to an end it is time look back at the best and worst dumplings of the year. Top raviolis were eaten at Vinateria in Harlem, their Ravioli in Brodo were sensational.  The best vegetarian dumplings were at The … Continue reading

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La Salle Dumpling Room, New York, NY

La Salle Dumpling Room opened several months ago in Manhattanville and so far has garnered pretty weak Yelp! and blog reviews.  Some of issues may have related to getting the kinks out of the system as the restaurant opened, although … Continue reading

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Haioreum Frozen Dumplings, Kimchi and Vegetable Styles

Rating:  Haioreum appears to be the house brand of the H Mart chain of Asian grocery stores.  H Marts are known for giving out lots of free samples on weekends and my local one is my favorite place to grocery shop. … Continue reading

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Bunn Reborn as Mama

The steamed bun take-out kiosk at Food Gallery 32 (on 32nd Street in New York’s Korea Town) started life as Bunch, then added Gua Bao to the menu and renamed itself Bunn and then recently expanded to add Taiyaki (a … Continue reading

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Fresh Pierogi Brand Pierogi served with Kimchi

Rating: Fresh Pierogi is a family owned company founded in 1991 that sells a range of packaged, refrigerated pierogi through supermarket chains. Their store in NJ sells refrigerated fresh made pierogi and cooked take-out orders that you can get steamed, … Continue reading

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ChoripDong Frozen Dumplings

Rating:   I grabbed these dumplings pretty much at random out of the dumpling freezer case at H-Mart on 32nd street.  The ChoripDong line of foods are distributed by Seoul Trading Inc, USA which has been in business for over … Continue reading

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