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Manhattan Valley Dumpling Tour

The Manhattan Valley neighborhood is situated between the Upper West Side and Columbia University’s Morningside Heights neighborhoods.  The neighborhood has perennially been on the edge of booming or gentrifying or becoming at hot residential neighborhood, with articles going back to … Continue reading

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Ginto, San Francisco, CA

Ginto is advertised as an izakaya and sushi bar and is part of the Tokyo based Rama restaurant group that runs over 150 restaurants mainly in Asia.  Izakaya are usually small casual pubs, but Ginta has taken the concept of … Continue reading

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Yama Ramen, NY, NY

My day job frequently takes me to Rockefeller Center, which apart from Saki Bar Hagi and Iroha, is a pretty bleak area for good, reasonably priced eats.  Thankfully the recently opened Yama Ramen is looking to change that. This second floor walk … Continue reading

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Konbu StreetFood, Groningen, NL

Dumpling hunting in Amsterdam turned out to be a bust, the Dutch do not have indigenous dumpling form and overall the Asian restaurants I saw didn’t look that good.  But I do want to give a shout out to Onigiri … Continue reading

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Yasha Ramen, New York, NY

My recent attempt to hunt for dumplings on the Upper West Side of Manhattan turned out to be kind of a fail until I hit Yasha Ramen.  My first stop, La Salle Dumpling Room, was packed with families in town for the … Continue reading

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Dojo, New York, NY

Dojo has been an Greenwich Village institution since 1973 when it was born out of the Ice Cream Connection on St. Mark’s Place.  Shortly after it’s opening Dojo introduced its Soy Burger and Tofu Hijiki Burger and its awesome carrot … Continue reading

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Nishida Sho-Ten, New York, NY

I recently had a work gig on the far east-side of Mid-Town, a neighborhood I thankfully rarely have to go to, and on the way I was lucky enough to stumble upon Nishida Sho-Ten. The food there was so good, … Continue reading

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Shavings of Bonito Dancing on Hot Takoyaki

Takoyaki are balled shaped Japanese dumplings made from a wheat flour batter filled with pieces of octopus.  They are served with a Worcestershire like takoyaki sauce and mayonnaise drizzled on top and sprinkles of dried seaweed flakes and shavings of dried … Continue reading

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Otafuku x Medetai, New York, NY

Otafuku x Medetai began life as a tiny nook selling Takoyaki through a window to customers standing on the street. You would see little knots of people huddled over paper boats filled with blazing hot balls of crispy fried dough … Continue reading

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Iroha, New York NY

Iroha has been in business for over 30 years, but about two years ago transformed from a sushi restaurant into a Izakaya.  Iroha is on the ground floor above the cellar dwelling Sake Bar Hagi, both of which are owned … Continue reading

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